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We were recently down in Austin, Texas at Circuit of The Americas (COTA) for the final round of the American Rallycross Championship (ARX) to cheer on the Subaru Rally Team USA and see what rallycross racing was all about.

You may wonder, as we did, with Subaru so focused on the environment, charities, and other social involvement, couldn't the money spent on racing be better spent elsewhere?

While at the race we had a chance to talk with some people from Subaru about this very question.  They had some interesting answers and how their racing applies to the Outbacks, Foresters, Crosstreks and Ascents that we drive every day here in Northern Colorado.

One overriding factor Subaru emphasized was that the core DNA from their racecars is the same as what is in the cars we sell here at Greeley Subaru.  They use stock frames in the race cars, greatly strengthen, but it's the same frame that comes in a WRX and STI.  The body shell by rule must be the same.  The engine must be based on a stock engine.  While their suspensions are completely custom, the ability to handle jumps as well as the transitions from pavement to dirt and the rough nature of the tracks give lessons in how to best design a controllable ride and eliminate harshness to the driver.

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The racing environments greatly speed up the research, development, and testing of components over normal testing modes.  And while there is so much talk about self-driving cars, in the very near future, given our location in the country, and the landscapes in which we live, it will be a very long time before we had over controls to automated systems.  Therefore, it's critical that the Subarus we own, drive and love be built and tested for the long term.

Another thing that really stuck out to us is the enthusiasm for the Subaru brand by the race fans.  You saw lots of hats and t-shirts.  Families with their children all decked out and standing in line to get autographs and photos with the Subaru drivers.  We can really see these kids being the next generation of Subaru owners, be it buying a new vehicle or having the families current Subaru handed down to them.

We all love what our Subaru's can do for us.  Be it the commute to work, taking our children to their various activities, or packing up for a weekend camping up in the mountains, our Subaru's can do it all.  By the race team pushing the boundaries and limits to what's possible, that makes for a safer, more reliable, longer lasting vehicle for the rest of us.

We had a great time at COTA for the ARX finale and would encourage you to check out the Subaru Rally Team USA next year.  The 2019 schedule for the series should be announced shortly.  While we do not foresee a race close to us, take it as an opportunity to take the family on a trip or vacation and make one of the races part of your adventure.  Because after all, Subaru's are built for the adventure.

  © Matthew Stryker, subaru.com/rally 2018

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