Subaru's are designed to be safe and secure. They offer their owners peace of mind when they get behind the wheel by  thoughtful design, engineering, and testing in every condition.


It came in no surprise that Colorado's favorite rally fighter scored one of the most impressive wins just recently. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety awarded the Subaru WRX as one of their "Top Safety Pick +" recipients for 2018.


The two main reasons for the WRX's big win in safety are Eyesight and steering responsive headlights, both standard on WRX Limited. Steering responsive headlights are also standard on all WRX STi models. 


The main goal of Subaru is to ensure happiness with its customers through safe and fun vehicles. Greeley Subaru believes in providing our customers with vehicles that not only fit our Colorado lifestyle, but to do so safely. Come see us for a WRX and WRX STi today!

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