7 Reasons Greeley Subaru Celebrates Subaru Winterfest 2019

We here at Greeley Subaru are sitting at the edge of our ski lifts for the return of Subaru Winterfest 2019.


This multi-city mountain destination and lifestyle tour will be returning to two Colorado destinations in the coming months: the first at the Copper Mountain Resort from February 15th-17th and the second stop in Colorado will be at the Eldora Mountain Resort in March from the 22nd-24th.


But wait, hold up.


If you love winter and have yet to experience the Subaru Winterfest, then your inner winter warrior will come to life as we list the seven reasons Greeley Subaru celebrates Subaru Winterfest 2019.


As a Subaru owner, you have adventure coursing through your veins. Your love of adventure and of course, your Subaru, is why we are stoked to share with you the ultimate event of Winter 2019, the highly-anticipated return of Subaru Winterfest.


7 Reasons Greeley Subaru Celebrates Subaru Winterfest 2019

1. Winterfest Equals Music Fest


There will be no lack of music during this year at the Subaru Winterfest. Many talented indie, bluegrass, Americana, and folk artists will be taking the various stages across the tour. Not to mention, DJs will be on-site as well, being your soundtrack to the tour.


2. Demo The Latest Gear By Top Brands


As a Subaru owner, we at Greeley Subaru completely understand your need to be in the know. You are always on top of the latest gear that keeps you ahead of the curve. That is why you will love demoing the most recent equipment available by top brands such as Nordica, Tech, and Lib to name a few.


3. Daily Giveaways?

Who doesn't love a giveaway? No one.


Which is why the daily giveaways that will be happening during the Subaru Winterfest 2019 made our list.


4. Pets Are Welcomed


Subaru knows how much its drivers love their pets, and so do we, and is why your fur babies are welcome to the Subaru Winterfest 2019 tour!


We're talking photo opportunities with your pooch, training sessions, and more. These basecamps for dog adventures will be at selected stops on tour. We think that's re-bark-able!


5.  Subaru Promotes Environmentally-Friendly Practices


Greeley Subaru loves the earth like Subaru does, which is why we applaud their efforts to educate attendees about zero-landfill practices with their Leave No Trace partnership.


Along with their partners, Subaru will also be supplying reusable bottles and mugs (while supplies last) for each weekend during the Subaru Winterfest 2019 tour.


6.  Subaru Vehicles Will Be On-Site


Of course, Subaru Winterfest wouldn't be complete without Subarus!


There will be many Subaru's on-site throughout each leg of the tour. The Subaru vehicles you will want to keep an eye out for are the all-new 2019 Subaru Ascent SUV and Subaru Forester Sport!


7.  Subaru Owners Get The VIP Treatment


One of our most favorites of the seven reasons Greeley Subaru celebrates Subaru Winterfest 2019 is due to our beloved Subaru owners getting the VIP treatment when in attendance. VIP includes VIP parking for easy access to the lift and lodge, as well as, premium gifts (while supplies last.)


From the depths of our Subaru souls, from all of us here at Greeley Subaru, we hope that you and your family will make the most out of this winter, and enjoy all of the seven reasons Greeley Subaru Celebrates Subaru Winterfest 2019 and much, much more when attending the two tour dates set in Colorado.


We hope our reasons have driven you to want to take part because at Greeley Subaru we are driven to serve.

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