Always On Your Side: SUBARU STARLINK Automatic Collision Notification

Driving is a big responsibility and everyone on the road shares that weight; no matter how safely you're driving, no matter how good your habits may be, there's always the chance that someone else isn't paying attention and an accident occurs. So, when those situations happen, it's good to know that your favorite Japanese automaker has your back! If your vehicle is equipped with SUBARU STARLINK Automatic Collision Notification, a STARLINK operator will contact you immediately following an accident to make sure you're okay and send help if necessary.

See it used below and, even though everything turns out to be okay, it's important we tell you that the following footage is real. If you're wearing headphones, you might want to turn the volume down.



To learn more about SUBARU STARLINK and all its benefits, come out to see us here at Greeley Subaru today. Our professionals will answer any questions you have about it and detail all the features it offers, sure to make you feel that much more secure every time you take the wheel.

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