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Why Lease at Greeley Subaru?

Subaru Lease vs. Car Loan | Greeley Subaru Explains

Deciding whether to lease your new Subaru or go the more traditional route of obtaining a car loan is a personal decision. While there is no one path to car ownership that is right for every Colorado driver, there are some questions you can consider to figure out the best option for you. The experts in our auto finance team answer this question for folks in Greeley on  daily basis.

Before You Lease or Buy a Subaru in Greeley: Questions to Ask

How Long Do I Plan to Keep My Car?

This matters because the out come of leasing or loaning are different. At the end of a traditional car loan, you own the car. This has positives and negatives attached. On the plus side- it's yours and there are no more monthly payments. On the negative side- it's yours! No matter how many miles you have put on it or how much service it needs. 

What Other Benefits Does Leasing Offer?

When you lease you only pay for a part of the cost of any vehicle. This means you can avoid making a down payment and certain bank fees associated with a car loan. For a Subaru lease, that is not the case. Your first payment is for your first month of use.

What Other Benefits Does a Car Loan Offer?

You build equity based on your ownership of the vehicle.

Do I have to return my car when the lease is over?

No. You have an option to purchase your car based on its Guaranteed Future Value when the lease ends.

What if I know that I really want to own this car?

Then financing it over the longer term by taking out an auto loan probably makes more sense.

What if I like to trade in my vehicle every few years?

Typically, leasing makes more sense in this situation. Since cars depreciate in value, you will end up with lower monthly payments for the time you do keep it.

What if I still don't know whether to lease or finance my new Subaru?

The bottom line is that leasing offers lower monthly payments, typically fewer maintenance issues, but no equity. Buying offers higher monthly payments, increasing maintenance obligations as the car ages, but offers equity.

Why Lease at Greeley Subaru?

If you do decide to lease your new Outback or Forester, there are many good reasons to do so here at Greeley Subaru. While Suburu offers a good many special financing programs we are happy to discuss, Greeley Subaru provides those in a local context. Base on our relationship with the respected Weld County Garage, you know we are people you can trust. So bring us your buying versus leasing questions from nearby cities like Windsor, Johnstown, Milliken and Northern Colorado today.

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Greeley Subaru

4720 W 24th Street
Directions Greeley, CO 80634

  • Call or Text Sales: (877) 459-8113
  • Service: (866) 944-8645
  • Parts: (888) 328-8305